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00:00 午前0時。はれぇ~、ねむいぃ…はにゃはにゃぁ…。 12am. Oh, I'm sleepy~ Hanya, hanya~♪  
01:00 1時だよー。あい。 It's 1 o'clock~. Yup.  
02:00 2時だよ、ammiraglio。 It's 2 o'clock, Ammiraglio.  
03:00 3時ー。ぅぅ、ちょっと眠い。寝てもいい? ふひゃぁひゃぁぁ…。 3 o'clock. *yawn* I'm a bit sleepy, can I go to sleep? Hanya, hanya~♪  
04:00 4時だよぉ…buona notte…。 It's 4 o'clock... buona notte... Tired.
05:00 ねみゅぃ…5時かな…? ………… I'm shleepeh... theenk it's 5 o'clock...*snore*  
06:00 ……ひっ!げっ?! やば、朝だ、6時だし! げぇっ! *snore* *sneeze* Ah, oh no, it's morning, it's 6 o'clock, gah!  
07:00 Buon giorno! ふへはやふぇぁ…起きなきゃ。はにゃはにゃ… Buongiorno. *yawn~* I need to wake up. Hanya, hanya~♪  
08:00 8時よー。Ammiraglio、私のご飯は? どこー? It's 8 o'clock. Where's my food, Ammiraglio?  
09:00 9時だよー。はへぇ、まだ眠いけど、少し海に出とく? あーい。 It's 9 o'clock. *yawn* I'm still a bit sleepy so can I go out to sea for a while? Alright.  
10:00 10時! あ、CiaoCiao♪ ユーちゃん元気してた? あ、ローちゃんって言うの? 今? ふーん。あたしは今ねー… 10 o'clock! Ah, ciao ciao! Are you doing well Yuu-chan? Ah, you're Ro-chan now? Hmmm, I'm now... Too many names, even she herself is annoyed.
11:00 11時だよ! う~ん、あーそう、知ってるよ。うん、いい子だよね。 It's 11 o'clock. Hmmm, ah, yes, I know her. Yeah, she's a good girl  
12:00 12時。おっひるー! あたしのお昼ご飯は? なに? 12 o'clock! Lunchtime! What's for my lunch?  
13:00 1時。オニギーリもいいけど、パスタもいいなぁ。Ammiraglio、今度作ってよ。あたしrossoが好きー。 1 o'clock. Onigiri is nice but pasta is nice too. Make some next time, Ammiraglio. I like it rosso! Rosso = red.
14:00 2時だよ…って、あ、リベ、ciao! おひさー! ん、え、他の子たち? どうだったかなー…気配は、あったような? It's 2 o'clock. Oh... ah, Libe, ciao! Long time no see! Eh, the other girls? I wonder where they are... I can sense their presence. Hint, hint...
15:00 3時! あなたの3時! え、あ、ここの艦隊の戦艦が言ってた。何の呪文? 3 o'clock! It's your 3 o'clock snack! Eh? Ah, I heard the battleships from this fleet saying that. What time is that?  
16:00 4時だよー。お腹すいたー。空いてない? なんか働きすぎたー。 It's 4 o'clock. I'm hungry. Aren't you hungry? You're working a bit too hard. What everyone says.
17:00 5時だよ。んー、もー、疲れたからさー、港に戻ろー? お休み大事! …あい。 It's 5 o'clock. I'm... I'm already tired, so can we return to port? Rest is important! Alright.  
18:00 ほぇ~、6時~。お腹空いたー、お腹空いたよー! えー、作れないよそんなの。えー、じゃどうすんのー?! Urgh~ 6 o'clock. I'm hungry, so hungry~! Eh, I can't make that... EEEH?! Then what will we do?!  
19:00 Trattoria? あい、それいい! 行く行く! パスタパスタ~! やったぁっ!! A trattoria? Yes, that sounds good! Let's go! Pasta, pasta! Yay♪  
20:00 はむ…はむ…8時だよー。ここ良い♪ ちょっとうちの重巡とかここの潜水艦とかうるさいけど、味は美味しいぃ♪ あいあい♪ *chomp* *chomp*... eet's eaght oh clawck. My, the heavy cruisers and submarines here are a bit rowdy but... it tastes great! It really does! Nachi... I-14... Pola...
21:00 9時! Grazieでした。マミーヤいいね、また行きたいでち! え、ああ、amicoになって。 9 o'clock. Grazie mille. Mamiya's is great. I want to come again! Eh? Ah, we're amici now.  
22:00 10時。ふぅ、今日はもう疲れたね。寝ていい? ふひゃぁぁぁ…buona notte…。 10 o'clock. Hmmm, I'm already tired today. Can I sleep? *yawn* Buona notte...  
23:00 11時。あれ、まだ寝ないの? え、今日は寝ずの番でお仕事? えぇ、やだやだぁ! お休みはちゃーんと取らないとー! 寝ようよ一緒にー! …んん、buona notte。 11 o'clock. Huh, you're not sleeping yet? Eh, we're going to be working all night tonight? Eh?! I don't wanna! We need to get a good rest! Let's go to sleep together! Ngh, buona notte. YASENDA!

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